The winecellar is composed of a series of underground passages, 12 m. below ground in the old town of Aranda de Duero. They were excavated around the XIII-XIV century, although the first historical evidence dates the fifteenth century. It´s main use has been to preserve the wine, but sometimes it was used as a shelter or as a way to get to the other side of the wall.

Up to the year 1900 the winemaking in this cellar was by traditional methods and was in 1903 when the winery opened for business more industrial methods.
In 1929 was an important year with respect to the means of production, technology enabled the winery to become one of the first to bottle the wine in glass, as well as using mechanical de-stemmer and press.

Bodega Histórica

In the lagar (the press) the must was transported by men in carriers made of goats skin. The wine was sold from the front of the winery so it had to be brought up manual for the customers.
This development system was used until the years 1965 to 1970, when the birth cooperatives, made the traditional system.

It was in 1995 when the year is an ambitious project to reform the winery and do that for so many centuries it was doing an artisan wine, but with current technology, to produce wines of quality and limited production covered under the label of the DO Ribera del Duero. Así nacen Bodegas "El Lagar de Isilla". Bodegas well born "El Lagar de Isilla".

Its architecture is popular. The galleries were excavated in the harsh winters, when it was going to the field by the snow and ice. Argillaceous rock is dug up to find a vein of sandstone rock where they were doing the galleries.

The descent to the cellar was built in arch - ashlar barrel vault with a fairly steep slope with 59 steps.

In each gallery there was a hole to the surface called Zarcera, serving and vented via a venting of the cellar, and keep constant temperature and humidity that characterizes these facilities.

In every building or crossing arches are built of masonry and brick below, which serve as reinforcements to the roofs of buildings, some of them differ in their architecture to be crossed "the bias".
The cellar temperature is between 12 and 14 º C and has a constant humidity of 85%.

Escaleras de la bodega histórica


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